Friday, June 24, 2011


Forgive me if I have already blogged about this, because if I have, I have already forgotten!  I was inspired to make this fun dino planter for work from Plaid Pigeon (I think their shop is closed right now).  But when I saw the fun dinosaurs I was sure that I could make my own!  I have no brothers, so I was SHOCKED to find out how expensive a simple plastic dinosaur is.  I found my Tyrannosaurus on EBAY, it is a vintage 1985 dinosaur (oh fancy!).  Here is the process of my planters creation:

...and VOILA!

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  1. So COOL, i need to make one of these for the boys! U can usually find big dinos in the $1 bins of Target, i'll keep my eye out for a good planter sized one now.