Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Have no fear, I have been making a lot of cards...well not so much in the immediate recent time...but I have made many I have not shared yet. Today is my little sister's 15th birthday! Where has the time gone!? Anywho, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share with you a birthday card I have made. This was made shortly after I bought some clear sentiment stamps for a stealll at Michaels. I was super-excited to use them. Can not remember when or where I bought the paper- think it was at Joann's last year on sale and the string is hemp. Hope you like it. (And don't worry, I am pretty sure my sister will not have seen this post by the time she opens it tonight :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cupcake on a cupcake.

How freaking cute are these? I want to make some!  Check out how to HERE.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Tiffany Blue and Gold.

One of my friends RD is getting married next summer. I will be designing her wedding invitations. I think she has decided on Tiffany Blue and Gold as her color theme and she will be getting married in her "hometown" in the Dominican Republic! Since I need to start brainstorming for the invites, I thought an inspiration board was appropriate. So, here it is!

Koon's BMW Art Car.

As a follow-up to my previous post "BMW Art Cars", Jeff Koon's latest edition to the Art Car series has been unveiled!  Check them out:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Me likey.

I love this poster print I stumbled across.  The artist who made this took the photos with an effect on his iphone camera and put together all the images.  Pretty cool, who woulda thunk!
Jason Hill

Monday, June 21, 2010

Purple Burst.

Wall Decals.

Here are some fun wall decal's I found while looking for new art to put on our walls at work.  We ended up getting the periodic table of typefaces and it is pretty sweet I must say!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Andy Warhol.

Thought I would share a few of my fave Andy Warhol paintings, since he is one of my many favorite artists:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Carry Hope.

While flipping through Print Magazine a few weeks ago, I came across these tote bag designs.  I though it was an awesome way to support a cause.  Each designer chose to design a tote picked a cause they wanted to support and design for.  The proceeds of each of the bags goes to the organization chosen.  I think it is interesting to see how each designer chose to display the organization through design.  Tote bags are a great item to design for since so many people are going green these days (which they should!) and use bags like these for the groceries and etc.  Looking at these reminded me of my textile design project for a cause that I did for Alex's Lemonade Stand. Take a look at the Print Magazine article online and here are some photos of the article I snapped ;) :

Friday, June 18, 2010


Miyuki Sakai.

Painting with a sewing machine? Yes, that is exactly what Miyuki Sakai does.  I stumbled across this artist while looking through Martha Stewart a magazine a few weeks ago and was intrigued thoroughly by a certain section of the issue for recipes on certain desserts.  Each dessert was placed on an intricate plate...but WAIT these are not any old china plate pshhhh...these were SEWN plates and they looked awesome.  The entire section was like this.  Although I was already going to look up who the artist was...they were already ahead of me and had Miyuki Sakai listed as the artist.  She has some pretty sick art so definitely take a peak at her website I liked to.  I apologize these are pretty weak photos that don't give the art justice at all, but I can not find it online anywhere (my good friend MW found them online HERE - thanks!) and I tried to get up close but my phone's camera is not awesome at close-up images.  Hope you get a good feel for them though and maybe some better images will pop-up online somewhere!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's up buttercup?

Lays Kettle Chips.

Found these ads recently for Lays Kettle Chips.  I really like the style they used with this campaign.  Everything is on simple white but the ads are still quite colorful.  All the ads appear to be wearing paint that reminds me of a old beach house.  Their idea is that all their chips are made with "real" potatoes and flavoring.  The painted look does give it a "homey" touch that does pass on this message...even if the type didn't blatantly say it ;)  I also went on their website which allows you to see allll the chip flavors (there are a lot!) -each flavor is color coded and has a different theme which is really cute...take a look at them all:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Typophile Films.

I "read up" in Print Magazine about The Typophile Film Fest. It looked so exciting even in pictures that I of course googled it and found the opening credits video that they spoke about in the magazine article.  It really is so fun to see type come to life.  I would like to see some of the films that were in the showcase...I will have to look in to that.  Here is a photo of the article in Print and following is the opening credits video for the Typophile Film Fest 5.


It is super-late for me and I am way exhausted but I wanted to share this with you before I went to bed.  I loveee photography if you didn't already know...I got a new camera a few weeks ago - the Pentax X90.  My photographic hobby has been upgraded and it makes me SO happy :)  Anywho, I follow several wedding and photography blogs with AWESOME photos...I will share some with you in the future, but it is great to have inspiration.  So, I have been meaning to share some of my NEW photography with my NEW camera...but as explained in a recent post - it hasn't been as easy to make time for posting lately with summer fun and all...but I am being creative for sure and will try to make more time to SHARE what I find and do.  I found these very cool, free, PS actions on You The Designer a week or so back and have been meaning to try them out.  SO FUN, I mean duh I know how to tweak things myself but these are some pre-made styles to use on your photography.  Definitely worth checking out, believe it or not this was my first time doing anything with the actions palate (call me lame).  I guess to get the nitty gritty of this post, I would really like to share more of my photography with you since it is definitely NOT lacking in amount I will work on that even if they are small posts with just a photo...I want to share more.  For now, here is a photo to start you off.  This is a light house from when I went to Baltimore this past weekend, more to come!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

AT&T Hands.

I am a little behind in finding these ads apparently...there have been many of them lingering around for years from what I read. I found one of these AT&T ads while perusing magazines at B&N some nights ago. I thought I had maybe seen others of the series before but hadn't taken note. I think its is awesomely colorful and creative how they show that their phones and services are "global". The painted hands showing iconic parts of various part of the world is so unique. I feel it very ironic that these awesome ads were created by the same agency who created the incredibly un-original copies of the Christo and Jeann Claude art in their current commercials, BBDO. Here is the first hands ad I found in a magazine followed by many I found online:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coming Soon...

Ok, I have been slacking yet again...and my fun letter mosaics have run out. Do not worry, as always I am finding many exciting things to share with you and I am organizing through many right now as I speak! It is not finding inspiration that takes time, it is the process of combining everything that I would like to share in the posts that is the most time consuming. However, very shortly...most likely tomorrow - I will have many new posts coming your BE excited! Also, if you are reading my posts on Facebook or Blogger, I would love for you to subscribe to and follow me ( on Google Reader ( - AND your friends ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Tsk tsk.

Justttt saw this commercial and immediately thought of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Gates. Near the end of the commercial they flash "The artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude have no direct or indirect affiliation or involvement with AT&T."  ....Yes the commercial is effective and clearly conveys their message but they also CLEARLY stole the idea from The Gates whether it was intentional or not.  I decided to Google it and found the commercial on youtube...the first video I found was missing the caption about Christo and Jeanne-Claude - which made me think I had been hallucinating.  I decided to do a general Google search and found countless articles claiming AT&T for ripping off of "The Gates"....Shame on you BBDO.

Here is a video of the commercial with the "disclaimer" at the end.

Here are Christo and Jeanne-Claude's "The Gates":