Saturday, April 4, 2009

Got lemons?

For my textile design class we had a recent project to design a textile all-over pattern for a cause or charity. I chose Alex's Lemonade Stand and looked up many lemons online before starting my design. Since then, I have been noticing lemons. I like lemons. I am a nerd. They taste good.
Here is some lemon inspiration:

Here is my original design by hand:

Here is the final product in illustrator:

Here it is applied on a bag and an umbrella:

...ok I lied about the umbrella, when I upload it the colors are all distorted so forget that.


  1. despite it not being the right colors...i love the umbrella! very nice

  2. thanks! it seems like this project is more of a hit than my "butter-fly" project that needs to be re-done for a better grade LOL