Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mille Fiori.

I thought I would post the project I have been working on this semester for my Professional Practices in Advertising class. It was a semester long project that I presented this past Thursday for my final presentation. The project was to create an auxiliary brand for Adrian Goldschmeid which is a high end clothing company which are most well known for their jeans. The company is American, but the original founder Adriano was Italian and also had a hand in Diesel and other companies. I chose to create a line of low-cost jewelry to be sold at Target stores. The jewelry style I chose was made out of millefiori (meaning million flowers in Italian) beads which traditional, vintage Italian jewelry is created out of. I had my sister help make the bracelets, earrings and necklaces and then took photos of the jewelry as well as other real vintage Italian jewelry that I had at home. The requirements were to create a logo, splash page and two marketing pieces. Below are the slides from my powerpoint presentation which have each of the pieces on them. The logo was created from vector artwork of a flower I found and the font is called Anna. The magazine ad uses a photograph I took myself of the vintage necklace I had. The tags have a colorized jean background and the logo as well as a paragraphy which reads: "Mille Fiori is a jewelry line created for Target by the AG team so that everyone can have a little AG. Mille Fiori jewelry is created with Italian millefiori beads, and means “million flowers”. Unlike real flowers, our jewelry is always in bloom and always in style for any occasion." This is also written on the splash page which is very simple and created in flash...access the live site to see the flash version. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!