Monday, November 23, 2009

What's your number?

I have been meaning to blog about these advertisements for a while now, and I have finally found some images to share. I have only seen these ads in the form of billboards and bus signs as of now, but just found them on the web. This is an advertising campaign for the PA lottery ( ). I think this is a clever veer away from "Gus" which we usually see in PA lottery advertisements. No worries, he is still here to stay I am sure, but these appealing little designs definitely caught my eye. They have a series of ads which advertise the various games in the PA lottery. Each has a different reason for their number, just like many real lottery players do. The design consists of the numbers spelled out with images that reflect the reason why each of them play their number. I think it makes the ads more personal. It then asks: "What's your number". On the PA lottery website you can see the following ad in the rotation on the right of the screen:

Once you click on the ad, you are brought to another page which shows one of the following designs:

...after that, you are asked "What's your number?" and you can design your "own ad".

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