Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I thought I would make a post about some holiday advertisements I have seen in magazines, or online from magazines. I think it is funny how we were always taught in graphic design classes not to use cliche imagery...ironically enough...many of the ads we see today that are strong ads DO use cliche imagery, at least here in some of these holiday ads. Here are a few I would like to share with you:

Here is one I found online for IKEA...I think it is creative how they used the furniture to spell out the holiday words.

Here is an ad for Neiman Marcus, it doesn't scream holiday to me but I like the colors and the drama...I put this in here more for the irony of the quote about not spending a lot of money, when my parents always called Neiman Marcus - "Needless Markup"...haha I got a chuckle.

I love reeses and think this one is colorful and holidayish ;)

This one for Bed Bath and Beyond is great. Everyone knows the BB&B 20% coupon, they are everywhere and they never change the look of it. Here they almost make a mockery of the fact in a very effective way for the holidays. Everyone loves coupons, so why wouldn't they want to kiss it under the mistletoe?

The following 2 are for Pama and Ugg brands. Funny how again we see a cliche image created out of the Christmas tree shape. I do think it is effective however. People can relate to the imagery and will be drawn to see what the product they are selling is all about.

Last but not least is an ad I found online from a magazine. I have seen many ads from Gap on TV for the holidays this season and this ads look goes right along with it. Here we see the shape of a snowflake created from the bodies of the girls laying in the Gap lounge-wear.

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