Monday, January 25, 2010

color collection.

What girl doesn't love nail polish? The awesome thing about nail polish is that every different girl from any end of the spectrum can express themselves and their style through COLOR. And, nail polish can be found in almost any color these days. OPI is one of the leading nail polish brands used by nail artists and is available to purchase by normal folk like you and me!

While looking through a magazine recently, I came across this ad:

and on another page was a smaller companion ad:

I thought the marketing of this collection was quite creative, and it got me thinking. People (including myself) are often attracted to products that cross advertise. Another post on this subject is to come. For this ad though, OPI is advertising a new line of polish colors inspired by the new Alice In Wonderland movie. I think OPI does a nice job of creating collections that mean something and relate to a subject. Giving the colors a reason makes the polish more marketable. Since nail polish is like making your hands an accessory to your outfit, it starts to make you think what colors in which collections go with various pieces of clothing in your wardrobe or different events! Pretty clever and artsy fartsy if I do say so myself! Here are some other ads for other OPI collections I found in a google search of OPI nail polish collection advertisements:

And just a little can now order Dell laptops with your favorite OPI color as the cover. Crazy? Cool? I haven't decided yet.

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