Sunday, January 24, 2010

I want to live in Pandora.

My friend MW and I saw Avatar a few weeks ago. It is different than the kind of movie I would usually pick to see. However, I felt like the graphics looked beautiful and I really wanted to see it in theaters. We saw it 3D although we wanted to see it in IMAX 3D which was sold out. It was just as beautiful as it looked in previews. I also have to say that despite many reviews saying that the plot was boring or not interesting - I thought it was great. So, to my artsy take on the moview?...since this IS a design blog. The colors were amazing, The colors on the Navi people were awesome, brilliant blues. The whole movie gave a magical feel, especially in the night scences. I wish I could have found more images of the nights in Pandora, but the one out of the following was really all I could find. I guess you will have to watch it yourself to experience the beauty. But, I LOVED the glowing plants and creatures in the blueish purple atmosphere. I would do anything to walk through and experience what Pandora looks like in this movie! Pretty amazing - someone should take this idea for a themepark attraction or somethings. SO- Avatar is a must see, even if you are not interested in the story, at least see it for the beautiful graphics. AND, try to see it before it leaves theaters- I feel like it might lose some of its beauty once it goes to DVD :P


  1. this is a must see movie
    i want to life on pandora, too
    its the best movie ever
    i hope that avatar 2 and 3 will be released
    its a good experince
    sorry for mistakes i am german =)

  2. I love this film!!! One of the best I'v ever seen!!! I WANT TO LIVE ON PANDORA AND BE A NA'VI!!!!!!!

  3. I want to live there soo soo bad I can't stop thinking about it!