Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keep calm and...

Have you seen this poster?

I have seen this poster more in the recent years.  I both like the image/text/vibrancy of the poster as much as I do the message.  I have seen other funny variations of the poster lately, which made me decide to make a post about it.  Before sharing it with you, I thought it would be best to google the poster and find out what it was all about.  Call me silly, but little did I know that this originally was a poster designed for the British government before WWII!  You can read all about it HERE on Wikipedia.  It is interesting how it was barely popular and used back when it was first produced but became wildly popular after it's re-discovery in the 2000's.  I definitely plan on putting a small print of this on my wall somewhere.  Here are some fun spoofs I have found of the poster:

And, I loveeee this calendar:

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  1. i love the now panic and freak out one! hahaha