Monday, March 7, 2011

Seafoam Green.

Here are some seafoam green inspirations to feast your eyes on. This all began when I saw a minty-seafoam colored nail polish online or on TV and loved it! I have looked at numerous stores and finally found the color I was looking for at Ulta.  It is China Glaze called Re-fresh Mint.  There are a few other colors very similar by Essie and OPI(pictured below) which I could not find, but this one works just great and I love it! While on Pinterest recently (my new obsession o.m.g.), I found this awesome photo someone posted of the girl in the seafoam dress on the spiral staircase. I then found the Peony ring and love how the antiqued brass mimics the staircase from the other photo! ...then I threw in a seafoam green vespa, just because :)

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