Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Super Honeymoon.

This is my personal design project for March (per my 11 in 2011 goals).  I was very excited to work on this poster since I had the idea in mind for a little while.  I am not the best at the pen tool in Illustrator and am proud to say that I illustrated all of this and didn't trace anything (even though it is fairly simple objects) - go me!  This is a quote from an Owl City song called "Super Honeymoon".  The lyrics to their songs are very colorful and fun, bursting with artistic ideas.  I plan to use lyrics from other Owl City songs in future posters to make a series.  The fonts I used were Honey Script and Rockwell.  The Owl City logo (after some research) was created with SF Distant Galaxy Alternate.  I really enjoyed working on this and hope you like it as well!  Also take a listen to the song "Super Honeymoon" HERE or below.
PS: I am probably seeing them in Philly this summer if I get tickets today! Wooo!

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