Monday, March 14, 2011

Really, Jeff?

Before I go about bashing what I am about to talk about, I will mention that I do like some of the art by Jeff Koons as I posted HERE, HERE and HERE.  I especially love his "celebration series" as I talk about in both of those posts as well as some of his other inflatable and sculptural art.  I came across this "Hulk Elvis" series a few months ago and kept forgetting to post about it.  He has an art piece of these inflatables lined up as an installation and coincidentally I drive past a similar inflatable Hulk every day...

(BTW I was NOT driving while this picture was taken)
Anywho, I could not find any photos of the installation art.  However, Jeff apparently has learned amateur Photoshop?  Here is the "art" he apparently photographed and altered in Photoshop...then printed oil paint onto canvas for these... I am not usually one to say this...but it looks like a 5 year old did these...I don't get it (even though you don't always have to "get" art)

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