Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adhemas Batista

In my Professional Practices class on Thursday night, we performed mock-interviews with our professor in order to prepare for (hopefully!) interviews we will soon be getting! During the interviews we were asked a series of questions...and although the questions I was asked were quite typical there are a numerous amount of questions that graphic designers being interviewed should be prepared to answer. I feel like I am very bad at picking favorites of basically anything in my life but thought I should use my blog to help myself search more into the design world and find some favorites of design I could discuss if asked in an interview. Some of these things are favorite website, logo, designer etc. etc. I thought I would begin with who a favorite designer of mine is...although I do not know many. I was introduced a few years back by a friend of a friend to the designer Adhemas Batista...not literally introduced...you catch the drift. Anyways, I think he uses color and designs in an awesome way and I love when he integrates photography or drawings in a somewhat mixed media style. Here is his website. and here are some mf my favorite projects of his:

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