Sunday, March 1, 2009

Its all about

So, I knew I was not going to be good at keeping up with this...but in my defense that past week before break was super-busy and now I am home which is wonderful! I thought I should start

somewhere and here it is.

While I was working on my self promotion items this summer such as my logo and resume, etc. I stumbled upon many creative business card designs. Here is a website I found a lot of the awesome business cards. I also received a very cool book called The Best of Business Card Design 6 from my friend MW for my birthday since a designer can never have too many art books :-)

Here are just a few cool Business Card Designs I have found in my travels:


  1. I love the little guy. Takes the phrase "carry me in your pocket" to a whole new level :-)

  2. The little guy looks very awful. I like that card very much. Very creatively designed. My card will also be very creative. It was designed by Business Card Ninjas.

  3. these are creative design..i like that very much..that's same i want to design plastic business cards.