Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Instant Gratification

Since I am in a photo class - Digital II, I have been looking at some photography only since it is a great interest of mine. I have stumbled upon some Polaroid photos which made me think I should make a post about the change in instant photography. In the 1980's - not like I lived for most of them - the words instant photography would bring to mind a big bulky Polaroid camera with the rectangular white box and square film with photos that would print and appear within minutes.

Today in the digital age, instant photography has brought on a new meaning. Digital photography has taken over most of the photography world. I myself do enjoy digital photography, the ability to instantly view photos and take many and delete without having to waste film? But really is anything a waste of film. I did take a traditional photography class in high school and enjoyed learning things in the dark room and watching photos come to life. In reference to Polaroid cameras, I never had one but have in the past year considered buying one off ebay for fun and art...but the prices are going up! The truth is that Polaroid has discontinued producing their instant cameras and film! On their website they advertise that "you still can have your instant photos" ...if you buy their new digital camera and "instant, portable printer"....

What is it about those little white bordered photos that attracts many so easily. The cameras did not even take that great of photos, although often made some photos look more interesting or dramatic that the actual scene or object were. Here are some photos I have found online of Polaroid instant film photography:

I was also interested to find some Polaroid art...neither of these were created with true Polaroid instant film..but it is fun that the "Polaroid look" lives on in the Photoshop world and it is truely quite easy to create. Here is a tutorial on how to make your own Polaroid photo. And here is how to make a Polaroid photo collage. Here are some "Polaroid art":


  1. thats so sad - i love polaroid photography!

    i like your new header too!

  2. I know...you know I originally found out about the discontinuing of Polaroid when Naomi asked me to go to CVS the buy new film for the Polaroid camera for Genuardis and the guys said it was discontinued...
    so yea...and thanks about the header...I figured I needed to get my butt in action since you got yours up and all!