Thursday, April 15, 2010

BMW Art Cars.

BMW art cars - I would like to know HOW I did not know about this? Two of my favorite things: BMWs and art...I am a "fan" of Jeff Koons on Facebook and an article popped up on my news feed. Jeff Koons is making the next BMW art car. His design looks pretty sweet but I can't wait to see when it is actually painted on to the car. I found photos of the other cars that were painted. I was interested to find cars painted by famous artists such as:




...I generally like all of these artists but I don't love any of these designs. I think the one I like the most of these is Lichtenstein's, but I do enjoy seein each of their take and style on the cars. Here are some of the less, well-known artists (in my book) painted cars:


Here is the design of the soon-to-be Jeff Koons BMW art car!

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