Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Edward Hopper.

I would like to share with you another one of my favorite artists, Edward Hopper. I first came across Hopper in 5th grade english class surprisingly. Each of us was given a postcard with a painting on it and we had to write a fiction story based on the image we saw. I was given "New York Movie" and I remember writing about the attendant girl in the right of the painting. She was poor and worked two jobs for a living (wow sounds ironic HA) but oh the mind of a 5th grader. Here is the painting:

This one is just a classic:

This one is not my favorite, but I think it is cute, I like the colors and it reminds me of lunch in NYC :)

This one just makes me feel all summery and happy inside:

This is my absolute favorite Hopper painting. This one reminds me of "The Notebook", the scene when Noah and Allie are on his fathers porch on that summer night. I love summer nights and I feel that this painting grasps the full essence that is summer nights :

What do I like most about Edward Hopper? His use of lighting in his paintings is amazing!

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