Friday, January 14, 2011

Balloon Dog.

I have blogged about Jeff Koons before, and I really love some of his art - especially what he calls the "celebration series" in his online portfolio.  I seriously like the colors he uses and some of the subjects are so fun.  It is cool to see things larger than life in the most unsuspecting places.  Anywho, a few months back I saw that Urban Outfitters was selling an metallic inflatable dog ornament that looked just like Koon's Balloon Dog installation art.  I thought about buying it, but decided to wait until after the holidays and of course it is sold out now! However, I was pretty disappointed to see that they didn't give him any credit, as it was clearly a replica of his art.  I agree that no-one has the "rights" to the shape of a balloon dog, but they were metallic looking just like his art.  Just a few days ago I saw on one of the blogs I follow, a metallic balloon dog "bank".  Once again, it looks very similar to Koon's work, but has no credit given to him.  And, as cute as it is - I don't find it worth buying as it is just shy of a $100 - whhaaa?

Take a look for yourself:
My Photo from the MET
The Balloon Dog Bank
The Balloon Dog Ornament

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