Friday, June 18, 2010

Miyuki Sakai.

Painting with a sewing machine? Yes, that is exactly what Miyuki Sakai does.  I stumbled across this artist while looking through Martha Stewart a magazine a few weeks ago and was intrigued thoroughly by a certain section of the issue for recipes on certain desserts.  Each dessert was placed on an intricate plate...but WAIT these are not any old china plate pshhhh...these were SEWN plates and they looked awesome.  The entire section was like this.  Although I was already going to look up who the artist was...they were already ahead of me and had Miyuki Sakai listed as the artist.  She has some pretty sick art so definitely take a peak at her website I liked to.  I apologize these are pretty weak photos that don't give the art justice at all, but I can not find it online anywhere (my good friend MW found them online HERE - thanks!) and I tried to get up close but my phone's camera is not awesome at close-up images.  Hope you get a good feel for them though and maybe some better images will pop-up online somewhere!


  1. Check out her website at - there is a link to the MSL pictures and other stuff.

  2. Thanks, I actually linked to her site in my post and my friend MW passed on the direct link to the MSL pages which I added later to my post. i appreciate it though. She does some pretty awesome stuff!