Friday, February 18, 2011

European Glory

It is no secret that I want to get to Europe someday...and hopefully someday in the next few years!? I obviously want to go to Paris since I have studied French and I also want to get to Rome since, come-on, I am Italian! Hopefully this dream will become a reality sooner than later! I came across this photographer Irene Suchocki recently. She is from Montreal but has many photographs - droolworthy photographs of European Cities. Here are a few of my absolute favorites: (excuse me as I melt...)


  1. I was in Italy last year for honeymoon and it was seriously the most amazing place to be! Venice was my favorite, Rome was my second.. then there were Capri, Florence, Naples, Pompeii, Pisa and Sorrento. I still think I didn't get enough! You HAVE to go. :)

    Glad to landed on your blog, btw.

  2. Oh, I seriously can't wait until I can finally get myself there -it looks gorgeous! I have a friend that studied in Florence for a semester, so it would be awesome to have her show me around!

    Hope you enjoy my blog! I see you are on Pinterest as well - I am a noob but I am loving it!