Thursday, February 10, 2011


While flipping through Magazines at B&N the other day I came across an ad for Katy Perry's new perfume "Purr".  I'm not going to lie that the pink and purple as well as the cheetah print absolutely caught my attention.  I am definitely not one for buying "celebrity perfumes" but I give them credit for a nice job advertising.  Purple IS my favorite color and the cat bottle is cute but I don't think the (awesome) cat suit that Katy is wearing goes as well with the more geometric bottle. I was expecting something more curvy and possibly cheetah-like, but the bottle is sexy - especially with the glowing "crystal" eyes.  I think the cat mask she has on her head ties the cat bottle in well.  The use of the huge yarn ball was clever too!  As for the type treatments in this ad - I always have likes the way Katy Perry's name is branded. I think the name "Purr" is designed perfectly how I would expect a sexy cat-like brand to be.  The "Earn My Affection" content at the bottom appropriately ties in the "cat" theme, and although it works - the cliche "perfume-ad" font is used for this text.  All together I think its a successful and hot ad!  ...Now, where can I get myself that costume ;)

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