Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I would like to share with you 3 websites I have been obsessed with recently. Someone suggested a great site to me called foodgawker.com for recipes a few weeks ago. I think the general layout is pretty awesome - when you are in the mood to browse online for things and "gawk", there is no better way than to just look through a bunch of images until you find something appealing to click on. I was always the kid who looked through books for the pictures - and being a designer I am now guilty of looking through magazines purely for design and ads. I guess that is how it goes ;) But I have also discovered that foodgawker has 2 sister sites - weddinggawker and craftgawker - uh oh. HAha, so you can only imagine where my time has been spent recently. All 3 sites click to links to other sites and blogs with awesome ideas and resources for so many things. I can see this growing into a whole "family" of sites for so may more subjects. Until then, these can keep you quite appetite and can definitely can wet your appetite on a day your creativity is feeling dry! This is what the sites look like and links to the sites (definitely check them out - good stuff!)




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  1. omg i can't believe they have wedding and craft ones...that is definitely not good for my procrastination.