Saturday, March 20, 2010

Travel Ad.

Below I am sharing with you a series of 3 ads for a Brazilian company for travel magazine/book/guides. I always like to see when people recreate common images in a new way in design. In these ads, it is obvious that the three are of famous monuments in the respective countries. I think it is very cool how they used the travel stamps to create the silhouettes and am also a fan of the real-paper look to the background. I love the font used, it also carries the stamp look to it. I would have to say that my least favorite part of these ads is the image of the magazine/book/guide itself. I realize they probably want you to see what it looks like so that when you are out looking for it, it will be recognizable. However, I feel like it is out of place in this design though since in a passport or whatever this is supposed to mimic - you usually wouldn't see an image like that. I know that is besides the point and I am sort-of anal about weird things like that in design, I just think they could have implemented the cover in a better way - if it is REALLY that necessary to show. But all in all, don't get me wrong - I think these ads are clever:

Check these out on Ads of the World.

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