Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Natural" Text.

I was poking through Ads of the World Posts and found these two very creative, effective and relevant advertising campaigns. Both of them use just plain and simple test, using natural matters to convey their message.

The first is a "snow stamp" to created by a company in Poland who makes car heaters. I guess in that area snow is year round maybe? Either way, they must get a lot of snow, because I sure have never heard of a heater to leave in your car while it is off- although it would have been VERY helpful this winter. The stamp is in Polish, but from what I read about the campaign, the stamp basically is telling the people who own the cars that if they bought their heater they wouldn't have to scrape all the snow off their cars. Here is the ad for the Webasto Snow Stamp:

The second is an advertising campaign by a cancer center in Australia for I am assuming skin cancer. The "poster" is diecut letters upside down that when the sun shines through it spells out on the sand to take a break from the sun. Very creative. Here is the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre ad:

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