Sunday, March 21, 2010

Princess Perfume.

I thought I would share with you an advertising campaign I like. Vera Wang has a perfume called "Princess", and although I have never smelled it to make a fair judgment on whether I actually like the product or not- I will share with you what I like about the advertising for it. First of all this is what the bottle and packaging look like:

I like the color purple a lot, so I could be biased. I really like that she didn't choose pink since that is such a cliche "princess color". Her choice of purple and gold are great since they are colors of royalty. In all the advertising for Vera Wang Princess, there is a rough around the edges, whimsical yet real-life feel. This can be seen in the outdoor scenes, messy rooms and wardrobe in the images. I think the scratchy, paint-like white font goes very well since it isn't too proper or modern - since that clearly is not the theme for Vera Wang Princess. Here are 3 ads:

I was reading in one of my design books the other night about brand recognition and I immediately thought of this commercial I saw for Vera Wang Princess. I saw this commercial for the first time this week. It is a 20 second commercial and you don't see the product or name until 5 seconds in. That is a quarter of the commercial, even though this is only seconds we are talking about. What I think is great about the commercial is that it flows so well with the rest of the advertising for Vera Wang Princess that I knew it was for this product immediately, even before seeing it 5 seconds in (which is a lot of time in commercial world LOL). Here is the commercial:

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