Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Logos win an Oscar!

Not sure how long this video will be actively working, so check it out: NOW, what this post is about. I watched the Oscars the other night...kind of, well you know I "watched" the oscars LOL. But I did happen to catch the short film oscar winner, this french dude for this film called "Logorama". It did grasp my attention, although I totally forgot to look it up as I had fully intended. Thankfully my friend MW and I think alike and she sent me this link to the video online. I think it is an extremely creative concept that was well drawn out, I do not love the plot but I "get it". I also read more about the concept on Brand New. It is amazing how many logos are in this world and the statistics of how many we see daily is astronomical! Anyone who says they are not wooed by "brands" must be blind. We are constantly being fed subliminal messaging through branding...AND that is the industry I am in after all, so I love it haha. Check it out. Hope you enjoy it.

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