Monday, March 15, 2010

Jack Vettriano.

I LOVE JACK VETTRIANO PAINTINGS. Ok, have I caught your attention? Jack Vettriano is one of my favorite painters and UNLIKE most artists that are famous - he is still alive and painting which is an amazing thing (most artists get fame after they are gone!) He paints absolutely beautiful paintings. What I have noticed about my taste for paintings is that I either like sharp, colorful and pop art like Lichtenstein and Warhol or soft, happy paintings with awesome lighting and shadows like Hopper and Jack Vettriano. I also love the beach and many of his paintings are of people dressed up and walking or dancing on the beach. The first painting I ever saw of Vettriano's was The Singing Butler which is the painting he is probably the most popular for. Below are some of my favorites of his beach paintings. I will probably make another post of his paintings of different scenes in the future. Please check out these paintings, they melt my heart. I would love to have some of these hanging in my home some day.

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