Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Don't Know Jaques!

Ok super short post to wet your whistle. Good weekend, and super tired. So here goes - I saw a lady while I was at work this weekend with nail polish that caught my eye. It was a grayish color and just assumed being a slightly off-the-usual nail color that it was OPI. However, I didn't think to ask her what it was until after she was gone. I went to ULTA Saturday night and found the color that I pretty sure was the exact color she had on. I really like it! It IS OPI and is called "You Don't Know Jaques!"...I got it in the glossy coat since I think their new matte colors are weird (why would you want your nails to look like a chalk board?). Although it is a dull color, I think it is a great neutral that would do with a variety of wardrobe colors - and I don't feel like it is very common either. It is a warm, dark gray with an almost purpley-brown tint to it. Check it out:

(photo found online.)

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