Saturday, February 27, 2010


Tonight I made some new cards. Check these out (just a few...gotta keep some a surprise :)


  1. these are nice! where did you get those felt flowers?? i like them a lot!

  2. You are so crafty! I just started my first scrapbook (for Ethan of course), its been kind of overwhelming. I've learned several things so far: it's an expensive hobby, it's time consuming and that scrapbooking is a hobby not a project. I'm determined to get his 1st year book done before the new baby pops out. Got any good tips for me?

  3. Hey Molly, the felt flowers came in that large scrapbooking kit I got for Christmas 2 years ago. Jill, yes it is an expensive AND addicting hobby. I could spend hours in the scrapbook section of the craft store and all my friends can vouch for that lol. The more you do it though, you get leftovers from different projects and find good deals and voila you will have a ton of scrapbook supplies - not so say you won't want to buy more! I would say for the baby 1st year book, print your pictures or at least plan what pages you would like to create and what themes for each of the events or pictures and buy paper, stickers etc. accordingly and work it one page at a time. You will get it done before you know i said it is addicting - sometimes I plan to do one page and I end up doing many more when i get on a roll. Have fun! It is a great hobby to have, you get to save all your memories! I have gotten away from scrapbooking per-say because of being away at school and such but I have so many books I did in high school and it is great to look back at!