Wednesday, February 17, 2010

pretty present.

I love being crafty, so why not be crafty with gift wrapping. It is fun to make the wrapping for a gift look as special as the gift inside, for the special person you are giving it to. I have a baby shower for my friend KK I will be attending in a few weeks which I bought the gifts for the other night. I wanted to wrap it in a cute and pretty way. I went to the dollar store- YES the dollar store and picked up a few things and wrapped the gift up (it only cost 3 dollars and I have plenty of supplies left to wrap several more gifts in). It looks pretty cool in my opinion, but I will share it with you after the occasion- as to not spoil it for the gift receiver! But, this did get me interested in different ways that other people wrap gifts. Here is what I found in my creative explorations of the subject:

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  1. i like the use of the paint chips at the bottom!! i have a stack of them with my craft that is def a good way to use them!