Tuesday, February 2, 2010

stunning dresses.

So, you can not turn on E this time of the year without seeing the "Fashion Police" playing and replaying. I watched the Golden Globes a few weeks ago, some of the SAG awards and the Grammy's the other night. I never really follow award shows, but since they have all been on in the past few weeks I did watch more of them than I usually would. I didn't pay close attention, as I was doing other things while the shows were on, but I did take note of some of the celebrities dresses, acts and speeches throughout. However, a big part of these award shows is all about the fashion. Although I was originally going to make a post a few weeks ago about Golden Globe dresses that I liked...but as the weeks have passed and I have seen more red-carpet dresses I like - I thought i would change my post. I have decided to share 3 of my favorite dresses. These three dresses are from the Golden Globes, SAG awards and the Grammy's all worn by Lea Michele from Glee. I love all three of these dresses and would wear any of them in a heartbeat. Although there were many dresses I liked, I thought these would be the best to share since they were all worn by the same celebrity. Here are the three dresses:

This black dress she wore at the Golden Globes was absolutely stunning. Some people claim it was too costume looking with the volume but I think it was a beautiful gown. I love how the top is a wrapped around, sweetheart, lace piece. The bottom is a textured, volumous gown which has just the right shape. It isn't too poofy but it also doesn't just hang. I also think the color black is very classic.

Love love love this dress she wore to the SAG Awards. The color green is the perfect shade of green that looks amazing on brunettes. I think the plunging neckline is amazing and the waistband hits her in just the right place. The sleeves are not usually my favorite kind of sleeves, but the frills are just the right size - not too much. The frilly sleeves and flowing skirt make this dress soft, but the neck and waist bring it together and the pop of color make this a very strong dress.

I am a big fan of one-shoulder dresses/shirts. This hot little dress was quite the hit at the Grammy's and the Fashion Police agree. The navy is a nice deep color. The lace detail is cool since you can see through to the strapless part of the dress. It also wraps down tightly around her torso very nicely and then to the bottom that has a feathery effect to it. Again, the bottom is not over-done and is not too poofy. I am not so in to the black heels with the navy dress, however I have realized that black and blue are okay together sometimes ;) I love this and think it is a great night-out dress. So cute.

I love all of these dresses and hope you enjoyed them as well!

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  1. i loveeeee her green dress...that is my favorite (and not just because it is green!)...though i also like the other ones, especially the top black dress. i like a lot of the things she wears!