Tuesday, February 9, 2010

would you like a....cupcake?

Watching Cake Boss again...Seriously does this guy ever NOT shout? Kind of annoying, but that is way besides the point. For some reason I really got in the mood to make cupcakes today, but I am saving it for later this week. I picked out a recipe and went shopping for the ingredients tonight, so I will have them when I am snowed in yet again (probably) later this week. The recipe I chose is a surprise, but I will be sharing i with you after I make them ;) My friend MG is obsessed with cupcakes, and perhaps she is rubbing off on me haha. Ok they are yummy but I think more than that they are SO cute. So, I thought, why not find some cool cupcakes online? Lots of less calories when you are just viewing them in pictures :) hehe. Anyways, I plan on making more posts about cupcakes, but this one is cupcakes that do not quite look like cupcakes. I think all of these are really cool! ...And look fun to make hmmmm.... and eat :)

Apple Cupcake:

Ice Cream Cone Cupcake:

Sushi Cupcake:

Burger Cupcake:


  1. Love this post, and cupcakes :) The apples and sushi look amazing. Such little works of art, too. Maybe we'll make some next week ;)