Saturday, February 13, 2010

Superbowl Commercials.

Ok, so the Superbowl was last Sunday. I had full intent to watch it AND do my taxes. I am usually pretty awesome at multi-tasking, but I had quite a fail that night - thankfully in the favor of my taxes since they needed to get done. Anyways - I did catch a few plays and a few commercials, but after talking about the superbowl commercials at work, I decided it was time for me to make my post about the commecials I liked. One commercial I did actually see during the game was the Google commercial and I LOVE it. I thought it was quite simple, with really no talking a minimal background noise. It was really relatable- at least to me- since googling is a daily activity of course! It was SO cute, but I will let you watch for yoursself if you haven't already seen it:

This is a commercial I just watched online. Not much to say about it, but since Coke seems to have already done everything, it was pretty creative I think and kind of funny too:

The etrade commercial I thought was a little stupid, and I still don't really know what etrade is - nor do I care (I guess that is the point of a commercial- uh oh!) but the babies are funny. "Milkaholic" - haha, watch it:

I thought Vizio's commercial was creative. Ok, they tried to catch everyone's attention with Beyonce...and maybe they did. However, I am a big fan of all the awesome technology we have these days and love how they showed in their commercial all the different types of media you can access on their new HD tv:

I didn't thing the Kia commercial was all too amazing, but I thought the creatures were fun and it was cool how it had a Toy Story-gone-wild feel to it. I guess they are trying to say Kia cars are fun and go anywhere? I don't know? Car commercials are always pretty lame to me, but this was ok:

Hahaha, this one by VW is great and love the finish with Tracy Morgan and Stevie Wonder. This is probably up there in my favorites with the Google commercial. Take a look:

Hope you enjoyed these as well!

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