Monday, February 8, 2010

watercolor & ink

I took a watercolor painting class in one of my last semesters at GCU. I had never watercolor painted before, but was up for the challenge. It really takes some getting used to, if you have ever painted with different mediums before. Since it is watered down, you really have to think about which colors you are putting down. The colors bleed in to each other and layer over each other to make new colors - but these are not always faults, rather also techniques to use while painting as well. I really turned out enjoying the class, even more than I had expected myself to. It is a very calming form of art. I literally could sit for hours painting - even in silence, happy as a clam. I will mention though, it is NOT a cheap hobby. Each tube of paint is about $8 a POP for a small tube, granted each tube goes quite a long way when it dries and you add water. All the supplies needed for watercolor painting adds up- pretty much like any art class. I don't have any photos or scanned copies of the paintings I made during my class, but I will take some soon and share them with you. I have really been in the mood to do some watercolor painting recently, but since it isn't class anymore I decided I wanted to have a little more fun with it. I am not a huge fan of still-life art (which most of art classes consist of - UGH) so I wanted to do some fun design/text art and I LOVE using mixed medium so I decided to do some watercolor and ink. Here are just a few small paintings I did recently:


  1. oh these are so fun! i especially love the text one...i have been so into fancy type recently...very nice!